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Key Features

  • Authoritative consumer and employee’s online security awareness guide
  • Over 60 awareness tips
  • More than 42 online threats and mitigations
  • Videos, audios and interviews
  • Highly interactive with notes securely maintained online for future reference
  • Search, Google and Wikipedia lookup.
  • Adjust reading panel and feel with setting
  • Question database and reviews

You will need this eBook if  you;

  • Want to acquire knowledge that will keep your organization, country and self secure in today’s complex interconnected economy
  • Want to know who Social Engineers are and how they operate
  • Want to understand threat landscape
  • Want to prove to potential employers that you have the requisite skill and competence to protect data and systems or enhance your chance of getting a good job
  • Want to build a human firewall within your organization to secure your data and systems
  • Want to prove to your customers that your employees have the right competence to protect their data or increase customers’ confidence in your ICT driven services
  • Want to understand Nigeria Cybercrime Prohibition & Prevention Act, 2015
  • Want to get Basic Online Security Awareness Certificate

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