Vendor Channel Audit

We provide organization with independent assessments of existing or potential suppliers or distribution channel partners. In fact, ARCGlobal can help you design the assessment criteria and rating model so that you can identify those supplier or distribution partners that best suit your needs Supplier audits (also so known as vendor audits) are frequently seen as an inconvenience. They may involve taking a valuable member of staff time to travel to the supplier to carry out the audit and write the report. In addition to this, the person carrying out the audit must learn how to audit, complete the audit report and make recommendations.
ARCGlobal auditors are able to undertake comprehensive audits of your sub- contractors, vendors and suppliers across a wide range of disciplines including manufacturing, primary processing, oil & gas, engineering, banking, project management, distribution /logistics, consultancy and training, health care and many others.

ARCGlobal qualified auditors will undertake the required audits on your behalf and prepared detailed audit reports and non-conformity reports.

IT Audit

Securing information and communication technologies has become very critical in todays interconnected world. IT systems must ensure the confidentiality, integrity and available as when required for today’s business to deliver the required value.

ARCGlobal IT Audit ensures that organizations IT systems, management, operations and related processes are evaluated against policies, practices and standards.

To evaluate the reliability of data from IT systems which have impact on financial statements, ascertain the level of compliance with applicable laws, policies or standards and to check instances of excess, extravagance, inefficiency, wastage in the use and management of IT systems, talk to us today for a complete solutions

Out team of certified information system auditors will be glad to help.

Regulatory Compliance Audit

In today’s business environment, compliance to regulatory and other requirements to which an organization subscribes has become critical for sustained success

ARCGLOBAL has the capacity to evaluate compliance with;

  • Occupational Health and Safety Regulation
  • Environmental Management System Regulations
  • National Content Act
  • Contract Evaluation